In this article we will cover a topic that may seem common to everyone but once we dig deeper into it, we will be surprised by its capacity and accuracy in its sophisticated details, but more importantly, its delight, elegance and beauty.

The world of design and decor is a vast world in which our tastes varies greatly, for each of us has his taste and personality that he likes to see it reflected in his surroundings. We easily express our opinions about different designs that appear before our eyes in which we love this or that style, criticize it or praise it, but have you ever thought about how much efforts made for these designs to be in front of you today on communication channels or websites specialized in decor, whether you like it or criticize it?

This question may not come to you until you decide to design your home or the house of your dreams that you would like to reflect all the details of your personality, or it may even come to your mind if you are a student in one of the faculties of Architecture or Design and Decor, in both cases you will be surprised by the number of studies, planning and research on this industry. If you are about to start the design of your own house, you will start thinking seriously about the style you like most which could be two or three styles and then often you encounter a first shock which is the confusion before even moving on to any other detail.

Decor and design are not as easy as everyone thinks. Events, experiences and facts have proven that relying on ourselves if we do not have sufficient experience has absolutely unsatisfactory results such as errors in the division of spaces, scattered patterns, colors far from consistency and harmony, along with technical problems such as the distribution of air conditioning vents and the movement of air inside the house, sound, lighting and the list goes on to include hundreds of other details.

When you finish your home décor this way you will smile in joy of accomplishment, but you know in yourself that you have made a tragedy that reformulating it is more tiring than starting from scratch. Here, you will surrender to the reality and reflect on this place in the morning and evening with disappointment, and this feeling will inevitably change your character and how you deal with your surroundings, your wife, your children, and your colleagues involuntarily and without even noticing it.

These details have a huge impact, and here you will wish that someone has advised you to seek the help of people with expertise and those who have long experience in the decor industry. Of these words in particular, the name of the program "Decor Makers" was derived to be the first program of its kind in the Arab world that presents many cases and challenges that highlight to us everything that is going on behind the scenes in the world of design and décor.

Because of our work experience, we can predict the results of your project that you are working on now even before seeing it and even if you are not yet in ahead of this step, this program will show you the way to reach what you dream of seeing through a dramatic narration mixed with realistic stories from three of the pioneers of the high-end designs industry in the Arab world and several countries around the world in Europe and America, a team of creative people and business owners for factories that provide the basic materials for decor and design.

This team of experts did not come from nothing to tell us their stories but rather their experience during the past years made them leaders in the industry. They will tell us about their experience, their knowledge, the way they interact, their personality and sometimes their emotions that they feel in stressful and angry situation, including a reflection of their transparency and sincerity in their love for work and for each other. The first of them is businessman Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra Group of Companies, a man full of vitality, hope, seriousness, diligence and intelligence, does not tire and does not tired until he accomplishes his goal, supports him according to that engineer Tariq Skeik, head of the design department in the Algedra Interior Design Company and the founding partner who you will see his unique personality in In the episodes of the program, every detail he does tells us a very amazing story, and his silence may speak to us as his talk does, it is the art inside that does all the wonders. And of course such skills need a man to implement as ideas and designs alone are not enough but they need someone to convert them to reality, and here it comes the role of Eng. Fouad Ayoub, CEO of Algedra for the implementation and execution of the decor and designs with his serious and funny stances making working with him enjoyable and certainly all this until he reaches his goal of achieving sites and projects that are to be a signature of beauty.

Each team member is an entity of great importance and there is a series of tasks that connect them all in a variety of goals, instilling a culture of interior design and decor, creating beauty everywhere they reach.

The events of this program will tell us interesting stories that we can benefit from. We are on a date with you soon and we wish you the best benefit and enjoyment.