Decor makers is a reality show filmed in the United Arab Emirates that follows the events in Algedra interior design company in Dubai.

The series show behind the scenes of the interior design world and what it takes for the project realization, which is often not seen for people outside the design field.

Each episode reveals the different challenges the team faces when undertaking new projects. Based on real events with a hint of drama that occurs along the way between the team members.

The main characters of the series are the team of experts in their field (link to team)where each plays a vital role in bringing to life extraordinary design projects.

Tarek Skaik, Head of Design department, a creative spirit with a fine taste leading an international team of designers in creating masterpieces envisioning most demanding client requests. Eng Fuad Ayoub -Head of Fitout department who is in charge of executing the projects and bringing to life the creativity and finding solutions in most challenging situations for the best result. And on top of the things Mohab Ayoub, dynamic CEO and founder of Algedra Group who manages to balance critical situations arising on the way of executing companies' vision and mission to be a leader on the market by innovating and delivering unique designs to the clients.

The tension between the characters escalates through the series as they try to find the best solution to fulfill client expectations.

It is a beautiful moment when the home owner sees the final result, but the hard work and struggle behind it stays behind the scenes most of the time.

The world of interior design is exciting and can be overwhelming at the same time. Many components must come together in the creation of unique, functional, yet pleasing to eye interior that would suit its owner personality. Years of experience, knowledge, determination, and team coordination is one side of what it takes, but there is more to that.

Decor Makers is a series that show all the aspects of the interior design world from the perspective of the experts in the field of interior design.

Algedra Group is a well-known interior design company in the Middle East with headquarters in Dubai and offices in Istanbul, London, and New York providing services for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects of various complexity. To find out more about Algedra Group visit the website