Do you know how to combine design and decoration all together and bring the world into your hands?

We are team of decorators and we will tell you how. We will also give you answers to many questions that you may have in your mind and which you did not even think of. We call this enlightenment and shedding light on all aspects related to interior design and decoration. We share this with honesty, transparency, and purpose of education for your future reference. These things will serve as directives that you should take into consideration during the construction and the design of your future home.

Going back to our main question, Engineer Tariq Skaik, one of the main figures in the Decor Makers show, will give the answer explaining how your contract with a company that has a team from around the world with different experiences will surely bring the world into your hands. These experienced team will not provide you with common and primitive ideas. Rather, they will offer you the perfection and the best of their experience within your project.  It will be uncovered what is recorded within this team with its different experiences and diverse ideas of events. We know that sometimes the team may go through some critical moments, or some tensions may arise from time to time, but in the end, all the team members fall within one objective: to achieve the perfection in all that we create in a way that exceeds customer expectations.


When watching the show you will see the importance of the details in the field of decoration, especially from decorators perspective, and how work is not completed simply by using alternatives instead of primaries, even if this costs us to travel around the world seeking what we want. While many other decorators use just what they have in hand, experts make the impossible to achieve perfection.

The selection of the furniture and accessories that the interior designer needs is an important matter in this work. Yet, every work has its aspects and conditions. To complete the work, it may require to elaborate design and implementation. Thus, we get a product that brings together world experiences in the form of a unique piece of art.


It is really fun to discover the secrets of design world. As experts, we offer it to you on a golden plate not only for fun, but also for the benefit that will help you when the time comes to design and decorate your home, whether you start from scratch or want to change the decor of your existing home. You will know the basic steps, and you will fully realize when you have to interfier and stop the company doing fitout, and make sure of some general matters and essential details. We are sure that you will amaze them by being able to discuss everything with them in detail scientifically and practically. You will know the details of patterns and arts and you will know exactly what is involved in the aesthetic of the hexagonal and octagonal shapes in the Islamic architecture, and the magnificence of the Roman Corinthian styles and why they were based on these shapes. You will be able to discover the models of classic and modern furniture and how the contemporary styles were designed, which the public and the elite know, and is uniquely explained by experts. All this will be explained dramatically and narratively in the real events that will be presented in the future.

You will see how success in the completion of work is not only limited to sophistication, exhaustion, persistence, and diligence, but also to intelligence, honesty, sincerity, transparency, and love for what we do. It is what drives us to pursue the profession of making beauty wherever we go.

In this show, you will see how the team worked unitedly to make the work a success and overcome the impossible.