In this article, we will tell you one of the secrets that nobody has ever told you. Some might tell you that the design idea is the key, and others might say that the proper space layout is the key, and without it you will never get a nice place like the one you dream. There are many views. We might hear one of the leading minds in the design world who guides us telling that the secret of successful designs is the designer's ingenuity in perfect implementing for what he designed.

We, as decor experts, say that this secret lies in three factors that are unlike the above; Passion, Faith and Love.

Certainly, those are factors that we can formulate and apply as we need them, but in fact, these factors are the basis of our work and may be the basis of all works of civilizations, by which leaders have started and achieved their success.

Without Passion, you wouldn't have a desire to think about what you intend to do. It is the first motivation that gives you power to get started. But can you have Passion without loving what you are going to do? We don't think so. Rather, we were the ones who called for it in the beginning. If we don't have Love for what we do, then it's enough to keep listening to what the experts say, because once we involve in any project, it will cause great losses for us and the project owner. Love for our work is what motivates us to provide the best results that ensure customer satisfaction and satisfy our passion for seeing our work outcomes as perfect and integrated.

Love to our work is what drives us to create innovative ideas. It is what makes these ideas turned into perfect spaces, followed by 3D designs with the most wonderful views that we discuss and present to our clients. Love for our work is what drives our Passion. What supports us in moving forward as experts in the design and decoration world, is our previous experience, our work knowledge, and our faith. Faith that our experience is the way we go into the future, motivating us to exert efforts, and work day and night in order to build an environment and a world of beautiful places.

It's a love affair that brings us together with design, which we framed within a program called Decor Makers. This program will tell us stories about what we have mentioned. Real stories about team spirit and how we joined together with one goal that is seeing our works as just a masterpiece! This always ignites the spirit of follow-up into us and drives us to work day and night so that we can achieve our ultimate goal. This program will tell you about big names in the design world. Creatively thought, pull an all-nighter, worked days and nights, traveled, innovated, and saw new spots around the world. All those were with the aim of gathering and bringing innovative and unique ideas. You will see synergy, love and diligence within our team. We will mention some of their names here and the list goes on. The first of them is the entrepreneur Mohab Ayoub. For those who do not know him, he is a businessman who has made every effort and love for this design world with determination, so that his companies have become one of the major interior design and decoration companies in a very short time. The one who has supported him and was with him in every step is Eng. Tarek Skaik, the creative mind and the leading designer with his uncommon ideas, and as we have mentioned, above all, his Love and passion for what he does.